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David L. Squires Foundation
C/O ITI International Technology Integration Inc.
3450 #301 Uptown Blvd
Victoria, B.C. V8Z 0B9

David L. Squires Foundation Scholarship Application

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The Squires Foundation provides scholarships each year to students who:
  • demonstrate significant financial need;
  • are Canadian Citizens OR Landed Immigrants;
  • are in a full time Computer Science program at a University or College;
  • have successfully completed 2 full semesters in this program; and,
  • reached a high level of scholastic achievement.
Short listed applicants will be asked to provide a copy of the following documents to the committee:
  • Proof of Citizenship OR Landed Immigrant Status.
  • Transcript of marks for the two most recent academic semesters completed.
  • Proof of registration in applicable courses.
  • Two personal references.
Note: For transcripts that specify marks as Grade Point Averages, convert to percentage based on what local institution GPA is equivalent to.

A. Academic Program Information:
Note: To qualify for this scholarship you must currently be registered as a full time student AND have successfully completed 2 full semesters in this program;

Institution Name:  
Degree/Program Name:  
Other Computer or IT Program Details:  
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What is your grade point average for your last 2 completed semesters/terms expressed as a percentage out of 100?
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B. Provide 2020 Net Income:

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D. Awards and Scholarships:
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   Award Name Year Amount
E. Student Loans:
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F. Other Sources of Funding (eg. Family):
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  • confirming that you are a Canadian Citizen OR Landed Immigrant;
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Privacy Statement:
All information provided in this application and subsequent enquiries will be used for the sole purpose of determining eligibility for awards.
Information will only be viewed by members of the selection committee and will not be shared with any external bodies or agencies.
Names of winners will be published.